Planning for Families

All families are busy. Increasingly, our gay and lesbian clients are starting and having families. Indeed, we are pleased to be witness to the "Gay-be-boom." Gay or straight, families with young children are particularly busy. We recognize this in our practice. To accommodate this inevitability, we provide flexible times for appointments (within reason) and try to be very efficient with this time. Children are always welcome in our office.

In addition to assisting families with planning for wealth transfer in protected ways, we spend considerable time with parents discussing choices for guardians of minor children. We always include an Emergency Guardianship Appointment document, which can be used, if necessary, when mom and dad are away or unavailable (but still alive).

We also offer parents the ability to leave a detailed letter of instructions to the Guardians and Trustees they have appointed for their minor children that can help in the event of an awful disaster. Remember the first time you left your children with a baby-sitter? Remember the note you left behind? When planning to (perhaps) leave the same people behind – but for much longer - doesn't it make sense to leave a very detailed set of instructions?

Finally, we encourage all parents to consider doing a 'Priceless Conversation' that can memorialize some of their life's lessons and will be cherished for generations to come.

Since family law is a highly specialized area, we do not provide advice on surrogacy or adoption issues, but instead have a terrific list of specialized, highly competent attorneys whom we could recommend to assist you with such decisions..

If we can help you with Planning for Families, please do not hesitate to contact us at (617) 716-0300 or

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